‘American Financial Company Incorporates Q2’s Online Banking System’

Monex USA recently announced the integration of Q2’s Digital Banking Platform, allowing users to access their global payments, corporate FX, and currency risk hedging services. This move is in alignment with Monex USA’s goal to meet the changing needs of financial institutions and their clients.

According to Mike Rockouski, the Managing Director of Financial Institutions at Monex USA, this integration offers financial institutions more options for their clients. He stated, “Monex USA’s integration with the Q2 Digital Banking Platform means financial institutions will have more options for their clients.”

The strategic partnership also aims to address financial institutions’ cross-border payment needs and establish Monex USA as a trusted digital banking payment solutions partner. Through Q2’s Partner Accelerator Program, Monex USA seeks to provide solutions for managing cross-border transactions, further catering to the needs of financial institutions and their clients.

By integrating with Q2, financial institutions can access a diverse range of foreign currency products and services to enhance existing relationships and broaden their customer base.

Monex USA, a subsidiary of the Monex Group, specializes in providing corporate clients with foreign exchange and international payment solutions. With over 24 years of experience in offering cross-border solutions, Monex USA is well-positioned to meet the evolving demands of the financial industry. On the other hand, Q2 is known for its digital solutions tailored for the global financial sector.

In a related development, Monex Europe Holdings Ltd. displayed significant financial growth in 2022, bouncing back from previous losses to achieve a remarkable profit of £9.98 million. The company reported a 46% increase in net trading income, reaching £79.68 million, contributing to a gross profit of £76.27 million. Despite a 23% rise in administrative costs to £70 million, Monex Europe’s revenue streams remained unaffected, demonstrating the company’s resilience and financial stability.