Annual Graduation Concert by University Choir

The Washington and Lee University Singers are gearing up for their final performance of the academic year on May 28th at 8 p.m. in Wilson Concert Hall at the Lenfest Center for the Performing Arts. This concert, under the direction of Shane M. Lynch, is free and open to the public with no tickets required.

Lynch, associate professor of music and director of choral activities, expressed the emotional significance of the Commencement Concert, noting that it marks the final performance of the University Singers in their current form. For many seniors, this concert provides a rare opportunity for their families to hear them perform live. While livestreamed concerts are a great way for remote families to join in, the energy and atmosphere of a live performance are unparalleled.

The concert will feature beloved pieces from the 2023-2024 season, curated by the graduating seniors. The repertoire will span various choral genres, culminating in a performance of “Shenandoah,” arranged by James Erb.

The University Singers are renowned as an award-winning ensemble, recognized as one of the premier collegiate a capella choirs in the region. They have gained international acclaim as a touring choir, showcasing a diverse range of pieces at renowned venues worldwide. Through their performances, they serve as ambassadors for Washington and Lee University, participating in concert series, music festivals, conventions, and outreach events.