Arrival of Laser-Etched Avocados Marks Plastic-Saving Move in Tesco

Tesco is taking a step towards sustainability by trialling new initiatives for its avocado packaging. The supermarket is testing the use of laser etching on extra large avocados as a replacement for traditional barcode stickers. Additionally, Tesco is exploring the use of cardboard containers to replace plastic tray packaging for two of its popular avocado lines, a move that aims to make recycling easier.

Lisa Gilbey, Tesco’s avocado buyer, expressed excitement about the innovative changes, stating that the supermarket is committed to reducing environmental impact and cutting down on plastic waste. Working in collaboration with Westfalia Fruit, the UK’s main avocado supplier, Tesco is conducting trials to ensure that the quality, shelf life, and taste of the fruit are not compromised.

With nearly 70 million avocados sold each year, Tesco has witnessed a 15% increase in demand for the fruit. The trials are currently being conducted in 270 Tesco stores in south-east England, with plans to expand the initiatives if customer feedback is positive.

The move towards sustainable packaging solutions highlights Tesco’s dedication to reducing plastic waste and environmental harm, setting an example for other retailers to follow suit.