Artificial Intelligence Takes Center Stage at Money20/20 Event

ING showcased its expertise in artificial intelligence at the recent Money 20/20 event in Europe, with board member Marnix van Stiphout and chief analytics officer Bahadir Yilmaz taking the spotlight. The event, held in Amsterdam over three days, focused on the hot topic of AI in the financial technology sector.

Marnix, who serves as ING’s chief operating officer and ad interim chief technology officer, delivered a presentation on the main stage discussing AI and the future of technology. Meanwhile, Bahadir participated in a panel discussion on digital transformation and the impact of AI.

Following their presentations, both Marnix and Bahadir engaged in press interviews to further elaborate on their insights. Marnix emphasized the potential for AI to enhance banking processes, benefiting both customers and the bank itself. He highlighted the use of generative AI to improve customer service through chatbots, streamline loan applications, and support employees in managing customer data.

In a separate interview, Marnix expanded on the various applications of AI within ING and the company’s digitalization strategy. Additionally, Bahadir’s perspective on the risks associated with banks’ increasing reliance on Big Tech for AI was shared in interviews with TV personality Gemma Godfrey and Reuters.

Overall, ING’s active participation and thought leadership at Money 20/20 underscored the company’s commitment to leveraging AI to drive innovation and improve the banking experience for all stakeholders.