Assistance Needed to Address Climate Change in Peconic Bay

Peconic Baykeeper, a nonprofit advocacy group, has launched a new initiative called Project R.I.S.E (Recording Inundation Surrounding the Estuary) and is seeking help from the public. The main goal of this project is to gather images from different points along the Peconic Estuary to document the impact of climate change on the coastline.

According to the state Department of Environmental Conservation, sea levels are rising on Long Island, with an expected increase of 13 to 25 inches over the next 25 years. This rise could potentially reach 69 inches by the end of the century.

Various locations, including Riverhead, Orient, East Hampton, Southampton, Noyac, and Mashomack Preserve on Shelter Island, have installed “chronologs” – two-by-four wooden platforms with phone cradles attached. Visitors can take photos of the shoreline using these platforms, and the images can be submitted via email. They are then uploaded to individual websites where people can track changes to the coastline over time.

Peconic Baykeeper aims to expand the number of stations along the East End and is seeking a five-year commitment from each location. There is no cost for site partners to install or maintain the chronologs. The organization hopes to extend this commitment beyond the initial five years.

By participating in this initiative, individuals can contribute to documenting and understanding the effects of climate change on the Peconic Estuary.