Automated Immigration Clearance Implemented for All Visitors to Singapore Airport

Foreigners arriving in Singapore can now experience faster and more secure immigration clearance at Changi Airport with the implementation of automated lanes, regardless of their nationality. This new feature was introduced in early May as part of the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority’s (ICA) initiative to streamline the immigration process.

Previously, only Singapore residents and passport holders from select jurisdictions could use the automated lanes. However, with the installation of over 160 automated lanes in 2023 and plans for an additional 230 lanes in 2024, ICA is on track to have about 800 such lanes operational across all checkpoints in Singapore by 2026.

One traveler, Mr. Atul Sethi, a businessman from India, shared his positive experience with the automated gates during his recent visit to Singapore. He praised the efficiency of the system and the convenience of clearing immigration in under a minute without any prior enrollment in the system. This new technology has been a welcome change for travelers like Mr. Sethi, especially after experiencing long immigration queues in other countries.

Singapore aims to further enhance its contactless immigration clearance by the end of 2024, making it passport-free for arriving residents and departing travelers at Changi and Seletar airports, as well as Marina Bay Cruise Centre. Assistant Commissioner Phua Chiew Hua from ICA’s operations division emphasized the importance of prioritizing security while providing a seamless and efficient immigration process for all visitors to Singapore.

This latest development marks a significant step towards a more advanced and visitor-friendly immigration system at Changi Airport, solidifying Singapore’s reputation as a world-class travel destination. The implementation of automated lanes not only improves efficiency but also enhances the overall travel experience for visitors to the country.