Award for “Rules of Living” Wins SIFF Directors’ Choice 2024

The future looks bright for director Greg Dale and his debut film, “Rules of Living,” after it won the prestigious Directors’ Choice Award for Best Feature Comedy at the 30th Anniversary of the Sedona International Film Festival. The romantic comedy, based on Greg’s own experiences as a foreigner in Japan, explores the idea of Same Planet, Different Worlds.

Starring Japanese/Korean actress Kaho Minami and Japanese actor Kippei Shiina, the film follows the story of a Japanese divorcee who takes in an American male roommate. Kaho Minami, known for her influential roles in Japan, brings depth to her character, while Kippei Shiina adds to the dynamic as her fiancé.

Executive Producer Jeffrey Rowe, who also acts in the film, plays Lafcadio Hearn, a pivotal figure in introducing Japanese culture to the world. Through Hearn’s poetry and cultural insights, “Rules of Living” aims to open up new audiences to the beauty and uniqueness of Japanese culture.

During the Sedona International Film Festival, Greg Dale emphasized the importance of multiculturalism and the lessons we can learn from each other. With a diverse cast and a heartwarming story, “Rules of Living” has captured the hearts of viewers and critics alike.

The film’s official trailer has garnered attention, showcasing the engaging storyline and talented cast. As Greg Dale’s directorial debut, “Rules of Living” has set the stage for a successful international release and has cemented his reputation as a promising filmmaker.

For more information about “Rules of Living” and the talented team behind the film, visit their official website and social media channels.