Collaboration between Snowdrop and a Partner in the Middle East to Improve Digital Banking

Snowdrop Solutions, based in London, has joined forces with PwC Middle East to introduce an innovative transaction enrichment API tailored for banks and payment providers in the Middle East. This collaboration presents a unique opportunity for financial institutions in the region to harness Snowdrop’s cutting-edge banking technology to enhance customer experiences and streamline operations.

By integrating Snowdrop’s transaction enrichment API, banks and payment providers can offer their customers greater transparency and insight into their purchases, whether made online or in-store. This intuitive tool enables users to easily track and visualize their spending patterns, providing clarity and control over their finances.

Powered by advanced AI technology, Snowdrop’s API utilizes machine learning models and large language models like Gemini technology, ensuring high-quality data for customers and scalability through Google Cloud and Vertex AI capabilities. With PwC Middle East acting as a prime reseller and advisor in the region, financial institutions can seamlessly integrate Snowdrop’s API to deliver new and enriched experiences, such as personalized spend insights, loyalty programs, and sustainable spending options.

This partnership underscores a shared commitment to driving digital transformation and creating significant value for the financial sector in the Middle East. Snowdrop’s transaction enrichment API has already made waves in the region, with Boubyan Bank in Kuwait becoming the first to offer customers a seamless view of their financial transactions, setting a new standard for customer-centric banking services.