Consumer-Centric Marketing Integration with PepsiCo, Kellanova, and Kenvue

Channan Sawhney, a seasoned professional with more than 16 years of experience in sales, brand marketing, e-commerce, digital marketing, and data analytics in the consumer goods industry, is making waves in her current role at Kenvue. As an expert in accelerating omnichannel business for consumer health brands, Sawhney is working cross-functionally to drive success in this rapidly evolving sector.

Previously, Sawhney served as the head of global e-commerce at Kenvue, where she played a pivotal role in expanding e-commerce initiatives across different regions. She spearheaded the development of an agency ecosystem and capabilities to enhance the overall channel experience, ensuring a seamless and superior online shopping experience for consumers.

With her rich background in various facets of the consumer goods industry, Sawhney is well-equipped to lead Kenvue to new heights in the digital landscape. Her strategic approach and innovative thinking have proven to be instrumental in driving growth and success for the brands she works with.

In conclusion, Channan Sawhney’s expertise and leadership in e-commerce and omnichannel business are invaluable assets to Kenvue and the consumer health brands she collaborates with. Her dedication to excellence and proven track record make her a standout professional in the industry.