Cosmonaut from Russia spends 1,000 days in space, setting a new record

A Russian cosmonaut, Oleg Kononenko, has made history by spending a total of 1,000 days in space. This extraordinary achievement was confirmed by Roscosmos officials, who praised Kononenko for becoming the first human in the world to reach this milestone.

Kononenko’s impressive feat was accomplished through five missions, three of which he led as the commander of the International Space Station. Former NASA medical officer Emmanuel Urquieta remarked on Kononenko’s achievement, noting the dedication and perseverance required to spend such an extended period in space.

Currently stationed at the International Space Station, Kononenko embarked on his latest mission in September alongside cosmonaut Nikolai Chub and NASA astronaut Loral O’Hara. Earlier this year, he surpassed the previous record for cumulative time in space by reaching 878 days in February.

The previous record holder for the most days spent in space was cosmonaut Gennady Padalka. Kononenko is set to return to Earth in September, along with Chub and NASA astronaut Tracy Dyson.

Kononenko’s historic accomplishment highlights the incredible dedication and resilience of astronauts who push the boundaries of human exploration in space.