“Could This Unknown Company have Solved the Biggest Issue with EV Charging?”

Xeal, a company founded in California in 2019, specializes in the installation of level-two EV chargers for various types of private spaces such as multi-family apartment complexes, condo buildings, and university residence halls.

In 2021, Xeal introduced a groundbreaking technology known as Apollo, a distributed-ledger system that sets it apart in the EV charging industry. Unlike traditional chargers, Xeal’s chargers do not require WiFi or cellular connections, eliminating the need for a cellular signal on the user’s phone. This innovative approach allows the chargers to rely on nearfield communication with the phone, increasing reliability and reducing operational costs as they do not need individual cellular data plans.

Although Apollo is not limited to level 2 charging, Xeal has primarily targeted real estate management companies to offer residential-style charging solutions. This strategic focus has allowed Xeal to establish itself as a leader in providing efficient and cost-effective EV charging infrastructure for private properties.

The introduction of Apollo by Xeal represents a significant advancement in EV charging technology, offering a solution to connectivity issues commonly faced in parking garages and other enclosed spaces. With a strong emphasis on reliability and affordability, Xeal is paving the way for the future of EV charging infrastructure.

Published on Mar 4, 2024 by connieshedron.