Delicious Baked Salmon Recipe

Salmon, known for its rich flavor and health benefits, is a popular choice for seafood lovers. However, the price of wild salmon can sometimes be on the higher side due to overfishing and the endangerment of some salmon populations. This high demand and limited supply lead to an increase in prices, making it a bit expensive compared to other fish like halibut.

When it comes to buying salmon, the debate between fresh and frozen, wild and farmed can be confusing. Generally, wild salmon is favored for its superior taste over farmed salmon. But it is essential to consider sustainability as well. Look for certifications like those from the Marine Stewardship Council or check resources like the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s “Seafood Watch” site for detailed information on sustainable fishing practices.

If sustainability is your top priority, Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon is a great choice. Known for its vibrant red color and meaty texture, Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon stands out for its successful sustainability efforts and fishing practices.

When shopping, you may come across the term ‘whole salmon filet.’ Essentially, this refers to a half of a salmon with skin on one side, ready to be baked. Simply ask for a two-pound filet of salmon at the fish counter, and they will know what you mean.

By making informed choices and supporting sustainable practices, you can enjoy delicious salmon dishes while also helping to preserve this valuable seafood resource for future generations.