Discover the Musical Magic of Antonio Tony Underwood: Inspiring Change with Melodies

Antonio Tony Underwood, the Founder and CEO of Tone-East Music LLC, discovered his passion for the tuba at the age of 12. This pivotal moment led him on a lifelong journey to redefine the tuba’s artistic potential and reshape perspectives on the instrument. As a musician, producer, educator, and innovator, Antonio has dedicated himself to promoting the tuba and fostering a comprehensive understanding of music among students.

With a deep-rooted love for the brass instrument, Antonio has not only excelled as a performer and producer but also as an advocate for the arts. As a Fulbright Cultural Ambassador, he developed a teaching method that integrates classical and jazz music, inspiring students to explore new musical horizons. His commitment to education extends to establishing a jazz program at the University of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina to enhance the country’s music curriculum.

Based in West Virginia, Antonio serves as the Founder, Owner, Producer, and CEO of Tone-East Music LLC. His dedication to innovation, collaboration, and education has earned him recognition as a leader in the music industry and a champion for the arts in society.

Throughout his career, Antonio has faced challenges with resilience and determination, drawing inspiration from his experiences and mentors. His commitment to excellence and creativity has positioned him as a prominent figure in the music industry, showcasing the tuba’s unique sound through meticulously crafted compositions and arrangements.

Antonio’s multifaceted approach to music includes writing, producing, and educating. His upcoming release, “A Tuba Story,” reflects his versatility and mastery as a producer, bringing together diverse talents for a cohesive musical experience. He emphasizes the importance of collaborating with artists who complement each other’s strengths and avoiding overproduction in the creative process.

As a lifelong learner, Antonio emphasizes the value of real-world experience in shaping one’s career. He encourages emerging artists to find the right collaborators who understand their vision and level of expertise. Antonio envisions a future where music can bridge diverse disciplines, fostering innovation and progress in society.

Antonio’s journey is a testament to his passion for music, education, and collaboration. His commitment to excellence and creativity has established him as a leader in the music industry, inspiring the next generation of musicians to push the boundaries of their craft.