Electric Range Rover SUV Targets Porsche Macan EV

The launch of Jaguar Land Rover’s electric vehicles in 2021 was initially set to include six EVs by 2026, with two being Jaguars. However, the plan has been altered to four EVs, with the specifics of the delayed models yet to be disclosed.

Among the foremost priorities for the British automaker is the introduction of the larger Range Rover, preceding the unveiling of the electric Velar replacement. The teasers released late last year hint that the next-generation Velar, which is expected to compete directly with the Porsche Macan EV, will emphasize on-road performance and luxury. The smaller EV is expected to utilize the EMA platform, with production slated to begin before 2025 ends.

Jaguar Land Rover has decided to individualize Jaguar, Discovery, Defender, and Range Rover as their distinct brands, each with its own design language. A recent test vehicle offers the first glimpse into the future plans of the Range Rover brand.

While official specifications for the upcoming EVs are yet to be released, JLR has indicated that the electric Range Rover will match the performance of the current flagship Ranger Rover V8. It will incorporate an 800-volt architecture and boast towing, wading, and off-roading technology that surpasses other luxury electric SUVs.