Embark on the Adventure: Uncover the Addmotor Soletri M-366X Electric Tricycle for Two Adults

Embark on an Exciting Journey with the Addmotor Soletri M-366X Electric Tricycle for Two Adults

Electric tricycles are gaining popularity for their eco-friendliness and cost efficiency, and the Addmotor Soletri M-366X electric tricycle for two adults is no exception. This electric tricycle is specifically designed for daily commuters, running errands, and fun rides with its powerful motor, extended battery life, and comfortable dual seating.

Key Features of the Addmotor Soletri M-366X:

Eco-friendly and efficient commuting
Dual seating capacity
High power motor
Long-lasting rechargeable battery
Ergonomic step-through design
Safety features
Heavy loading capacity

Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Design Features of the Addmotor Soletri M-366X Electric Tricycle:

Sturdy Design and Build Quality:
The Soletri M-366X features a sturdy 6061 aluminum alloy step-thru frame with a wooden footrest, ensuring durability and ease of use. The innovative three-wheel design includes a convenient rear basket, perfect for storing your belongings on the go. With a U-shaped handlebar and aluminum fenders, this tricycle is suitable for all types of terrains.

Full-Suspension System:
Equipped with an advanced suspension system, the Addshox front spring suspension fork and rear dual suspension provide a smooth and comfortable ride on any terrain. This system ensures continuous wheel-to-road contact, enhancing stability and traction for the rider.

Wooden Footrest:
The high-quality wooden footrest offers a comfortable platform for your feet during rides, adding to the tricycle’s aesthetic appeal. The durable construction of the footrest ensures long-lasting use and reflects a commitment to sustainability.

Safety Features of the Addmotor Soletri M-366X Electric Tricycle:

Tires, Spokes & Rims:
Designed for durability and performance, the tricycle features 20 x 4 inches fat tires with high-strength spokes and alloy aluminum rims. The Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes with 180mm rotors provide responsive braking performance, ensuring safety on various terrains.

Parking Brake:
The reliable parking brake keeps the tricycle secure while parked, preventing accidental movement on flat or incline surfaces. With motor inhibitors for immediate stopping power, you can park your tricycle with peace of mind.

Power Features of the Addmotor Soletri M-366X Electric Tricycle:

Powered by a robust 48V*750W rear wheel brushless motor, the Soletri M-366X delivers effective thrust for smooth performance. With 7 levels of pedal assistance, the motor helps riders adjust assistance according to their needs during the ride.

Equipped with a high-capacity 20Ah Samsung lithium-ion battery, this electric tricycle offers a range of 85+ miles per charge. The 7-level PAS system, torque sensor, and upgraded controller optimize efficiency and comfort during rides.

In conclusion, the Addmotor electric trike is an ideal choice for couples looking for reliable and eco-friendly transportation. With its powerful motor, long-lasting battery, ergonomic design, and safety features, this electric tricycle excels in both urban commuting and adventure riding. Whether you are a city rider or an adventure enthusiast, the Addmotor Soletri M-366X is the perfect choice for an exciting journey for two adults.