‘Exciting new additions coming to iOS18 this autumn’

At a recent developers conference, Apple unveiled a host of new features for iOS 18, focusing on enhancing the Siri assistant and introducing artificial intelligence tools to iPhone users. These updates, set to launch in the fall, aim to streamline daily tasks and provide access to creative tools for a more personalized experience.

One standout feature is the ability to create custom emojis, known as “Genmojis,” on the spot to better express emotions. While these AI-driven features will be exclusive to the latest iPhone 15 models due to their advanced processors, other upgrades will be available to all iPhone users.

Some of the key features coming to iOS 18 and Apple Intelligence include the integration of Rich Communications Service (RCS) in iMessage to enhance texting quality and security across various devices. Users will also be able to schedule texts in advance and respond quickly with animated tap backs, akin to popular messaging platforms.

Apple’s new AI platform, “Apple Intelligence,” powered by Siri, will enable seamless interactions between apps and offer enhanced notification management, text summarization, and even text tone adjustments. The company ensures data privacy by processing most AI tasks on-device rather than in external data centers.

With iOS 18, users can look forward to more customization options for their home screens, including app arrangement, icon resizing, and a new dark mode aesthetic. The redesigned control center will provide one-tap functions and the ability to integrate third-party app features.

Additionally, Apple is introducing a dedicated Passwords app across all platforms to centralize password management, including Wi-Fi passwords and authentication tools. The app will proactively alert users to compromised passwords, enhancing overall security.

As Apple continues to prioritize user experience and innovation, these upcoming features promise to make daily tasks more efficient and enjoyable for iPhone users.