‘Factor4 Partners with Whittle Group for Expansion’

Factor4, a leading provider of gift and loyalty solutions, is expanding its partnership with the Whittle Group, a well-known innovator in payment technology. This collaboration has already proven successful, with Factor4 delivering exceptional gift and loyalty card solutions to merchants and ISOs across various terminal types.

One of the notable outcomes of this partnership is the development of the Gift and Loyalty – Tetra application, which seamlessly operates on multiple Ingenico payment terminals, including Desk 3500, Desk 5000, and Move 5000. Building on this success, Factor4 is now planning to extend its offerings to additional Ingenico terminal models, such as Desk 2600, Lane 3600, Link 2500, and Link 2500i in the upcoming releases. This expansion is aimed at better serving Factor4’s merchants and partners who use these terminal types, providing them with advanced gift and loyalty solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Looking forward, Factor4 is excited to announce plans for further expansion onto the Ingenico AXIUM terminal line of products, showcasing the company’s commitment to continuous innovation and customer satisfaction.

Dan Battista, CEO of Factor4, expressed his excitement about the expanded partnership, highlighting the opportunity to offer more comprehensive gift and loyalty solutions to merchants and ISO partners. This collaboration aims to empower businesses to enhance customer experiences and drive growth.

In response to this development, Paul Whittle, President of Whittle Group, expressed his pleasure at being selected as the technology provider for Factor4’s products, facilitating exciting expansions in the company’s offerings.

To learn more about Factor4 and its gift and loyalty solutions, visit Factor4’s website. For information about Whittle Group and its payment technology offerings, visit Whittle Group’s website.

Factor4 is a leading provider of gift card and loyalty solutions for businesses of all sizes, focusing on innovation and customer satisfaction to drive revenue growth through customizable gift card programs.

Whittle Group is a pioneer in payment technology, delivering cutting-edge Card Present solutions to businesses worldwide, including custom terminal applications and SaaS offerings, to improve customer engagement and streamline payment processes.