‘Finland’s Slush is Imported to Zambia by Jaun Baba’

The Slush tech fair, which originated in Finland, has expanded its reach beyond the country’s borders, making its way to the capital city of Lusaka in Zambia after fifteen years of success.

It may seem unexpected for such a tech-focused event to be held in Zambia, but the government’s strong emphasis on supporting start-up companies and digitalization has made it a natural fit.

Zambian companies have even participated in the original Slush event in Helsinki, showing a growing interest in the tech industry. Minister of Technology and Science, Felix Mutati, expressed excitement about hosting Lusaka Slush’d, a local version of the popular tech fair.

The collaboration between Finland and Zambia highlights the global impact of technology and innovation, showcasing how ideas and concepts can transcend borders and bring countries together in the pursuit of technological advancement.