First Festival of the Year Excites Huntley, Winner of ‘The Voice’

Huntley, the winner of The Voice, is set to make his festival debut at the Out of The Park Music Fest in Surprise, Arizona. The singer shared his excitement on social media, expressing his enthusiasm for performing in front of audiences on March 23.

In a recent turn of events, Huntley made headlines after canceling a concert at the Virginia Credit Union Stadium due to high ticket prices. Displeased with the 0 charge for fans to attend the show, Huntley took to social media to explain his decision. He stated that he would rather perform for free than charge such a high price, following his heart and intuition.

Instead of the canceled concert, Huntley organized a free show at Billiken’s Smokehouse and personally covered the band’s expenses. While some fans appreciated his gesture of looking out for them, others felt that 0 was a reasonable price to pay for his talent and to support the band.

The news of Huntley’s canceled concert generated mixed reactions from fans, with some urging him to recognize his worth as an entertainer and to consider the financial aspects of supporting his family. Despite the differing opinions, Huntley remains excited for his upcoming festival performance and continues to engage with his fans on social media.