Improvements in Battery-Electric Vehicle Technology by Audi and Porsche

Audi is at the forefront of electric vehicle (EV) success and innovation. Aside from achieving record sales with its e-tron EVs this year, Audi has introduced the Premium Platform Electric (PPE), an electrical architecture for future EVs developed in collaboration with Porsche, another Volkswagen Group brand. These advancements in battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are crucial for the widespread adoption of electrified vehicles, and Audi is taking proactive steps to lead the way in the industry.

The significance of the Audi/Porsche PPE lies in its ability to allow automakers to create technologically advanced vehicles that address key concerns of EV buyers: range and charging time. With PPE, engineers can develop drive systems that are more efficient, smaller, lighter, and have improved heat management, offering a more sustainable and practical solution for electric vehicles.

The latest developments in the Porsche and Audi PPE electric drive showcase the benefits of the advanced platform. Compared to the first-generation e-tron, new electric motors designed for PPE offer 40 kilometers more range and are 30% smaller and 20% lighter. The PPE’s 800-volt architecture also enhances battery charging time, with an Audi Q6 e-tron series BEV capable of adding up to 158 miles in just ten minutes when plugged into a 270 kW DC charging station.

Additionally, the PPE features a predictive thermal management system that optimizes charging efficiency by maintaining the system at the ideal temperature. This dynamic system adjusts based on traffic and other conditions to ensure optimal performance. Ultimately, Audi and Porsche are not just relying on their recent sales success but are actively pushing the boundaries of EV technology to benefit the entire industry and drive the transition to electric mobility.