Integrating Cutting-Edge Technologies in Deploying Disaggregated RAN

Three industry leaders, Gautam Bhagra of Dell Technologies, Henrik Jansson of Samsung Networks, and Cristina Rodriguez of Intel, recently shared insights on how mobile operators can expedite the deployment of disaggregated radio access networks. In a collaborative effort, the three companies are working to integrate the necessary technologies for operators to establish advanced networks.

During the discussion, Bhagra, Jansson, and Rodriguez emphasized the importance of efficiency and speed in deploying these networks. By leveraging their expertise and resources, they aim to provide mobile operators with the tools and solutions needed to build cutting-edge networks that meet the increasing demands of today’s consumers.

This partnership highlights the significance of cooperation among industry giants to drive innovation and enable the seamless integration of technologies in the telecommunications sector. Bhagra, Jansson, and Rodriguez are confident that their combined efforts will pave the way for enhanced network capabilities and improved connectivity for mobile operators worldwide.