Jorge Sanz shares his experiences with “uncomfortable situations” in acting

A star-studded event took place at the Malaga Film Festival this past weekend, where notable personalities gathered to celebrate Spanish cinema. Among them was Jorge Sanz, who shared insights into his life and addressed long-standing rumors about a possible romance with Belén Esteban.

Speaking about the festival, Sanz praised its significance in showcasing Spanish and Latin American cinema, describing it as a vital platform for upcoming films. In light of the #MeToo movement, he acknowledged the existence of uncomfortable situations in the industry but expressed gratitude for not being personally affected by them.

Addressing the speculation about a past relationship with Belén Esteban, Sanz clarified that they were friends who went out together once, but emphasized that it was not a romantic affair. He commended Esteban for her resilience and strength as a self-made woman, highlighting his admiration for her.

Reflecting on the conversation, Sanz humorously remarked on unwittingly entering a “puddle” by discussing the topic for the first time. The actor’s candid comments shed light on his perspective on personal and professional relationships, adding a touch of authenticity to the glamorous event.