‘King George to Perform at the 2024 Southern Soul Music Festival’

Universal Attractions Agency has announced an exclusive partnership with legendary soul artist King George for the 2024 Southern Soul Music Festival. Alongside this exciting news, UAA revealed that Sir Charles Jones will also be joining King George on the tour in 2024. This tour is set to be overseen by UAA agents Nick Szatmari and Brian Lotterman, working on behalf of UAA.

Nick Szatmari expressed his enthusiasm for working with Brian to represent the Southern Soul Music Festival, highlighting the long history of soul music that has been a core part of Universal Attractions Agency’s work. The tour, scheduled for September-November 2024, will be hosted by comedian Marvin Dixon and will feature a lineup of Southern R&B and Soul artists such as Nellie Tiger Travis, TK Soul, Ronnie Bell, and FatDaddy.

Szatmari emphasized the rapid success of King George in recent years and the addition of Sir Charles Jones to UAA’s exclusive client list, promising an exciting year for fans of Southern Soul music. The partnership aims to bring the energy and spirit of a Friday night to audiences every night on the tour.