Mantis Stands Out on Adventure Trailers with Bold Black Treatment

If you missed the incredible total solar eclipse, don’t worry because you have a second chance with TAXA Outdoors’ The Dark Sky Mantis overlanding trailer. Inspired by the celestial phenomenon, the matte black finish of the trailer is a nod to the unique event. TAXA Outdoors is known for its NASA-style approach to designing recreational habitats on wheels.

This special edition trailer is designed by Garrett Finney, CEO of Taxa and former senior architect at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Finney’s expertise in engineering human-focused living spaces for the International Space Station makes him a top expert in designing compact and efficient living spaces.

The Dark Sky Mantis trailer is well-equipped to accommodate four adults in its 105-square-foot interior. It features carefully planned storage, an indoor kitchen area, built-in shower, toilet, air conditioner, furnace, and a 180° Batwing awning for extended outdoor living space.

For those seeking remote campsites, the special edition is upgraded with axel-less suspension, all-terrain tires, alloy wheels, and a flexible hitch for easy maneuvering. Additionally, the trailer comes pre-wired for solar panels and battery storage, allowing for off-grid adventures.

The most eye-catching feature of the Dark Sky Mantis is its custom matte wrap colorway inspired by the eclipse theme, complete with limited edition graphics and dark wheels. Available for pre-order for just one week, this transient special edition trailer embodies the fleeting nature of a solar eclipse.