New Ethereum Game with Doge-Inspired World Coming Soon

Kabosu, the beloved Shiba Inu known for inspiring the iconic “Doge” meme, continues to receive recognition in various forms. Most recently, an Ethereum-based battle royale game called OpenSeason has revealed plans to introduce a custom Doge-themed biome within its digital world. This unique environment is dedicated to celebrating Kabosu and her significance as the face of the Doge meme.

Crafted in collaboration with Own the Doge, an NFT community that organized a special trip to meet Kabosu in Japan and created a “Dogumentary” documenting the rise of the Doge meme, the Doge biome in OpenSeason promises a blend of Tokyo style with Dogelore aesthetics. Krypticrooks, co-founder of OpenSeason, described the biome as a mix of Godzilla combatting a giant Shiba Inu, referred to as MegaDoge, in a Japanese urban setting.

OpenSeason is no stranger to incorporating characters from the cryptocurrency world into its digital landscape. Previously, the game featured themes inspired by Pepe, Bored Apes, Milady avatars, and even staged a protest against NFT marketplace OpenSea. According to Krypticooks, these collaborations with crypto communities are not just for entertainment but are integral to the game’s business model.

The Doge Biome in OpenSeason is scheduled to premiere in May and can be accessed through the Epic Games Store with a Fractional Uprising Studios NFT membership pass. Additionally, the studio plans to launch its own crypto token called “FUmoney” later this month.

Fans of Kabosu and the Doge meme can look forward to exploring this unique digital tribute within the immersive world of OpenSeason.