New Game ‘SunnySide’ Available on PC May 24 and PS5 and Xbox Series X|S July 10

SunnySide, the highly anticipated farming and life simulation game, is set to release for PC on May 24 via Steam, and for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on July 10. Publisher Merge Games and developer RainyGames have teamed up to bring players a unique gaming experience that combines modern farm-sim gameplay with an anime-inspired cast of characters.

The game offers a demo for PC players to try out and a physical edition will be available for the PlayStation 5. SunnySide’s “hang out” system allows players to cultivate relationships while managing their farm and exploring a diverse Japanese town.

In SunnySide, players will embark on an adventure with a thousand-year-old survey drone named Sparky, who needs help in uncovering their lost memories and understanding more about humans. Set in a post town in the Japanese countryside, players will have the opportunity to create their dream homestead, interact with the local community, and even pursue romance.

The game features deep customization options for character creation, homestead building, and more. Players can tailor their avatar, farm layout, and in-game cell phone to suit their preferences. With a cozy card-based battle system, players can explore caves beneath SunnySide while teaming up with Sparky on their journey of self-discovery.

SunnySide will be available in multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, Japanese, German, and Simplified Chinese. It promises to bring a fresh and innovative take on the classic farm sim genre, providing players with a truly immersive and customizable gaming experience.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join the community of SunnySide and build relationships with its charming inhabitants. Get ready to express yourself, chase your interests, and enjoy a cozy battle system in this enchanting and engaging game.