New System Revealed to Significantly Decrease Return Rates

N Brown Group Launches New PIM System to Enhance Customer Experience

N Brown Group, the parent company of JD Williams, Simply Be, and Jacamo, has recently rolled out a new Product Information Management (PIM) system to improve the customer shopping experience and lower return rates.

The new system boasts several key features, including detailed product descriptions on display pages, information on fabric, sizing, and fit to aid decision-making, and faster site speeds for an enhanced digital customer experience.

This strategic move underscores N Brown Group’s commitment to enhancing the shopping experience for its customers. CEO Steve Johnson highlighted the importance of this initiative in their digital transformation journey, with a focus on enhancing customer experience in 2024 and paving the way for future growth through technology enhancements.

The PIM system has already been implemented on Simply Be’s platform, with plans to extend it to JD Williams and Jacamo later this year. The goal is to create a more flexible, responsive, and user-friendly platform that meets the evolving needs of customers.

By investing in technology-driven solutions like PIM systems, N Brown Group demonstrates its dedication to innovation and adapting to changing consumer preferences in the digital age. This move not only aims to reduce return rates but also to build brand loyalty by providing an improved shopping experience for customers.