Over 1.14 million Peruvian mypes led by mothers

The Ministry of Production (Produce) has highlighted that there are currently 1,148,282 micro and small enterprises (mypes) led by entrepreneurial mothers. This number represents an increase of over 32,690 mothers compared to the previous year, according to data from the National Household Survey (ENAHO) and the Permanent National Employment Survey (EPEN).

Sergio González, the head of Produce, emphasized that mothers now make up 35.1% of all entrepreneurs in the country, and this number is expected to continue growing. Geographically, the highest concentration of these businesses is in Lima at 23.9%, followed by La Libertad (8.7%), Piura (8.1%), Puno (7.1%), and Cusco (6.8%). The sectors where entrepreneurial mothers excel the most are commerce at 38.6% and agriculture at 28.1%.

This trend showcases the important role that mothers play in the entrepreneurial landscape of the country, contributing significantly to the economy and showcasing their diverse skills and expertise.