‘Partnership Enhances Payments Functionality for Financial Institutions’

Alkami Technology, Inc., a leading provider of digital banking solutions for financial institutions in the U.S., has announced a new partnership with SWIVEL. This collaboration will enable Alkami’s bank and credit union clients to offer a seamless, self-service loan payment experience to their account holders through SWIVEL’s Transaction Enablement™ Platform.

Jason O’Brien, CEO of SWIVEL, highlighted the importance of this partnership in addressing the challenges faced by financial institutions in providing payment options for consumers. The integration with SWIVEL will allow Alkami’s clients to offer a convenient and flexible payment experience to account holders, with a variety of payment methods and types to choose from.

SWIVEL’s Payment Processing solution offers financial institutions a streamlined way to manage automated clearing house (ACH) and card-based payments. The benefits for Alkami’s clients include a self-serve payment experience, reduced call center volume, settlement of all payment channels through a single source, a white-labeled payment portal optimized for web and mobile, adherence to network rules and guidelines, and secure transactions with monitoring services.

Jeff Chen, VP of Product Management at Alkami, expressed excitement about the partnership and the increased choices, speed, and flexibility it provides to clients and account holders. This collaboration underscores Alkami’s commitment to partnering with innovative fintech companies to enhance the back-end experience for financial institutions.

SWIVEL is a financial technology and services company focused on providing specialized transaction enablement solutions to remove friction in financial transactions across various sectors. As a subsidiary of SWBC, headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, SWIVEL’s innovative solutions aim to streamline payments processing and mitigate risks associated with digital fund movements. For more information about SWIVEL and its solutions, visit www.getswivel.io.