‘Payment Links introduced on North American Bancard’s Payments Hub’

North American Bancard, a leading payment technology innovator, has introduced Payment Links within its Payments Hub. This new feature allows customers to be directed to a customized payment page to complete purchases or make contributions, catering not only to small and mid-sized businesses but also organizations and nonprofits.

Payment Links offer a simple and versatile solution for various use cases, including associations collecting dues, nonprofits fundraising, and small business owners offering multi-use payment options. Preet Patel, Senior Vice President of Product Management at NAB, expressed excitement about the launch of Payment Links, highlighting its importance in supporting small business success.

The flexibility of Payment Links allows businesses to embed buttons on their websites or social media, send links via email or text, or print QR codes on physical materials. This enables organizations to create, share, and receive payments seamlessly across different platforms.

For more information on Payment Links or Payments Hub, interested individuals can visit the North American Bancard website. North American Bancard is dedicated to re-imagining the payment experience, providing modern payment infrastructure for various environments. With over 0 billion in electronic transaction volume annually, NAB offers functional, feature-rich solutions for businesses in the evolving merchant economy.

North American Bancard continues to innovate and improve the payment experience for customers, emphasizing seamless payments in mobile, ecommerce, and in-store environments. For more information, visit the North American Bancard website.