‘Pittsburgh’s national patent ranking climbs to 14th place in 2023’

Innovators at the University of Pittsburgh have been making significant strides in patenting their groundbreaking ideas and research. In 2023, these innovators received 114 U.S. patents, showing an increase from the 105 patents granted in the previous year. This achievement has placed Pitt at No. 14 in the national ranking for utility patents granted among universities, as reported by the National Academy of Inventors (NAI) in June.

The NAI has been publishing the Top 100 Worldwide Universities list since 2013, and last year they introduced a U.S. ranking as well. Pitt secured the No. 19 spot on the global list, showcasing the university’s commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship.

For Pitt inventors, the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OIE) provides comprehensive support throughout the entire process of bringing ideas to life. The OIE tracks patents issued each month and offers valuable commercialization resources, expert sessions, and funding opportunities to the University community.

Evan Facher, the vice chancellor for innovation and entrepreneurship at Pitt, emphasized the collaborative and meticulous process involved in developing patented innovations. He commended both the innovators and the OIE staff for their dedication in making a tangible impact on Pitt’s research endeavors.

The Top 100 U.S. Universities list aims to highlight the national innovation landscape and the contributions of academic institutions. Pitt ranks just below the University of Pennsylvania, which earned 119 patents, and ahead of institutions like Northwestern University, Cornell University, and Duke University.

Paul R. Sanberg, NAI president, stressed the importance of protecting intellectual property in maintaining competitiveness in the international innovation ecosystem. He recognized universities for their high-level innovation and emphasized the significance of patenting as a way to safeguard intellectual property.

For those interested in licensing Pitt technology or supporting the University’s translational research, they can contact partner [at] pitt.edu for more information.

The continuous success and commitment to innovation at the University of Pittsburgh showcase the dedication of its researchers and the impact their work has on the broader academic and innovation community.