Plan to Construct and Maintain 300 Affordable Apartments in Park Slope

New York City Council Greenlights Rezoning for Mixed-Use Development in Park Slope

In a move aimed at addressing the city’s affordable housing crisis, the New York City Council has given the green light to the rezoning of 341 10th Street in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Stellar Management, the developer behind the project, is set to construct 305 new apartments while preserving 154 units for affordable housing.

The proposed development includes a 15,000-square-foot green space, as well as supportive housing services for seniors and preferential leasing options for local businesses. Renovations to the existing building will focus on modernizing the structure, with upgrades to the lobby, enhanced security measures, and infrastructure improvements.

The affordable housing units will cater to individuals earning an average of ,000, with 196 units specifically designated for families earning less than ,000 annually. Benjamin Rubenstein of Stellar Management expressed the company’s commitment to offering affordable housing solutions in New York City, emphasizing the need for creative proposals that both preserve and generate affordable housing options in the city.

The project is a collaborative effort that required the coordination of various experts and local stakeholders to address the challenges posed by the site. With a focus on affordable housing and community engagement, the development in Park Slope is poised to have a significant impact on the city’s housing landscape.