“Reliable and Trustworthy Partner Boosts Adoption of Smart Accounts on Ethereum”

Denver — Safe, a prominent smart account infrastructure provider, has partnered with Base, an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) network incubated by Coinbase. The main objective of this collaboration is to encourage developers to embrace smart accounts, ultimately enhancing user experience and driving dApp adoption on the Ethereum network.

Smart accounts offer key functionalities for users, such as multi-signature transactions, account recovery, and recurring payments, thus enhancing the self-custody experience on Web3 platforms. However, transitioning to smart accounts requires developers to update their existing infrastructure and tooling, which presents a significant challenge.

To tackle this obstacle, Base is offering up to 1 ETH in gas fee credits to developers who build on Safe during the program’s initial 12-month period. Safe{Core}, Safe’s modular and open-source stack, empowers developers to utilize smart account infrastructure to create tools for various dApp use cases on Base. With over 6 million smart accounts and more than 30 million transactions facilitated, Safe is well-equipped to support the increasing activity within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Lukas Schor, co-founder at Safe, emphasized the importance of dynamic and scalable solutions in light of Ethereum’s growing adoption. He stated, “By combining Safe’s modular smart account infrastructure with Base’s native account abstraction support, we are laying the groundwork for smart accounts to become the standard choice for Ethereum developers.”

Nick Prince, Product Manager at Base, underscored the significance of lowering barriers to smart account adoption. “Smart account adoption is crucial for making on-chain applications user-friendly for the general public. Through this gas fee credit program, we are incentivizing developers to harness the power of smart accounts and simplifying the process for builders to contribute to a more accessible on-chain ecosystem,” Prince noted.

For additional information, interested individuals and community members can visit the Safe website at safe.global.

About Safe:

Safe (formerly Gnosis Safe) is an on-chain asset custody protocol that currently secures around billion in assets. The platform is establishing a universal ‘smart account’ standard for secure custody of digital assets, data, and identity. Through its flagship web and mobile wallet, Safe{Wallet}, and account abstraction infrastructure, Safe{Core}, Safe is committed to enabling digital ownership for all in web3, including DAOs, enterprises, retail, and institutional users.