‘Rethink highlights ways Canadians can save with Tangerine Bank’

Rethink, a renowned advertising agency, has recently launched a captivating out-of-home (OOH) campaign for Tangerine Bank in Canada. Tangerine, known as the original no monthly fee bank, is dedicated to providing its clients with user-friendly digital experiences.

In a competitive Canadian banking landscape with numerous new players and beloved celebrities endorsing them, Tangerine has managed to maintain its position as the OG (Original Gangster). To uphold this legacy, Tangerine has strategically placed out-of-home advertisements across Toronto.

Natalie Jones, the chief marketing officer at Tangerine, expressed, “As the original challenger bank, we’ve been committed to helping Canadians save more money for decades. We prioritize delivering what truly matters to people – a simple, no monthly fee approach to everyday banking with an uncomplicated and award-winning experience. Since 1997, millions of Tangerine clients have benefitted from this, saving their hard-earned money.”

The advertisements are scheduled to be displayed from March 4 to April 14 in various locations throughout Toronto. Rethink took charge of the creative and PR aspects of the campaign, while PHD provided support with media placements. This OOH campaign aims to reinforce Tangerine’s core values and services among the residents of Toronto.