‘Revolutionizing Banking for the Digital Age: FIS Launches Innovative Mobile Banking App’

FIS, a global leader in financial technology, has unveiled an upgraded version of its flagship mobile banking app for financial institutions. The FIS Digital One™ Flex Mobile 6.0 is designed to cater to the changing expectations of customers in the digital age. This application allows users to bank on either mobile or online platforms, providing a seamless user experience with a simplified design, new fraud prevention features, and various upgrades to its functionality.

Hashim Toussaint, the head of Digital Solutions at FIS, emphasized the importance of mobile banking in today’s consumer interactions with banks. He highlighted the need for applications to be smooth, intuitive, and feature-rich to meet customer demands in the digital landscape. FIS remains committed to providing industry-leading digital solutions to financial institutions to drive growth in the digital realm.

With nearly half of U.S. consumers conducting banking activities through mobile apps, FIS Digital One Flex Mobile 6.0 is positioned to help financial institutions meet this growing demand. The app offers enhanced fraud prevention capabilities and streamlined operations, ensuring a superior mobile banking experience for customers.

Key features of Digital One Flex Mobile 6.0 include a unified platform for seamless delivery of digital banking services, a revamped design and user experience, strengthened login and authentication processes with biometrics, and enhanced money movement capabilities like transfers, bill payments, and more.

Financial institutions can now access Digital One Flex Mobile 6.0 to enhance their mobile banking offerings. To learn more about this innovative solution, visit FIS’s website.

FIS is a leading financial technology company dedicated to providing solutions for financial institutions, businesses, and developers. They aim to empower the global financial system by advancing digital solutions across the money lifecycle. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, FIS is a Fortune 500 company with a strong track record of helping clients adapt to evolving customer needs in the financial technology sector. Visit FIS’s website to learn more and stay updated on their latest developments on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.