‘Scientists and artists collaborate to produce live art inspired by innovative research’

Artists collaborating with scientists to create paintings based on research presents a unique opportunity to engage the public, according to an expert. As part of the upcoming Great Exhibition Road Festival in London later this month, 10 artists will work alongside 10 scientists from Imperial College London in a series of live collaborations.

The Paint Lab, a live art studio, will showcase artworks inspired by the latest research from Imperial College London. This includes subjects such as preventing the spread of malaria by mosquitoes, searching for ancient life in space, exploring the therapeutic use of psychedelic drugs, and studying the importance of sleep.

One artist, Maha Shami, will create art inspired by the work of Dr. Cristobal Rodero from Imperial’s National Heart and Lung Institute. Dr. Rodero’s accurate 3D computer models of human hearts could revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of heart conditions. The artwork, titled “Heartfelt Customisation,” symbolizes the individualized approach to heart simulators developed by Dr. Rodero.

Dr. Rodero emphasized the significance of these collaborations in showcasing scientific research to the public and sparking conversations. He believes that translating complex research into art pieces can help people better understand and appreciate the work being done in various scientific fields.

The Great Exhibition Road Festival 2024, organized by Imperial College London, will be held in South Kensington from June 15 to June 16. The festival aims to highlight the intersection of science and art in fostering innovation, community well-being, and environmental sustainability. Attendees can expect a range of activities including cutting-edge science demonstrations, live art displays, music performances, and interactive experiments.