Seth Cohen to Become Global CIO at P&G After Vittorio Cretella’s Retirement

Procter & Gamble (P&G) has announced the appointment of Seth Cohen as its new global Chief Information Officer (CIO), following the retirement of Vittorio Cretella. Cohen, who currently holds a senior position at PepsiCo, is expected to join P&G in April and officially assume the CIO role in June.

According to Cretella’s LinkedIn post, there will be a transition period during which he will work closely with Cohen to ensure a smooth handover and familiarization with P&G’s digital transformation strategy. Cretella, who joined P&G in 2020 after a successful tenure at Mars, has spearheaded the company’s digital transformation initiatives, including supply chain automation, data strategy overhaul, and optimization of manufacturing processes through predictive algorithms and analytics.

Moreover, Cretella has played a crucial role in P&G’s implementation of artificial intelligence technologies, emphasizing the company’s commitment to becoming an “AI-first” business. He has also been actively involved in industry events and communities, such as the League of Leaders group and the Consumer Goods Sales and Marketing Summit.

On the other hand, Cohen brings a wealth of experience from his time at PepsiCo and Reckitt Benckiser Group, where he held various leadership roles in the IT sector. His appointment as P&G’s new CIO reflects the company’s focus on enhancing its technological capabilities and driving further innovation within the organization.

As Cretella prepares to step down and embark on his next chapter, he expressed gratitude for his time at P&G and excitement for the future. He believes that his successor, Seth Cohen, will continue to uphold P&G’s legacy of digital excellence and innovation.