Significant Savings Found in 2023 Tax Season Results

April Tax Solutions Inc., a leading AI-powered tax filing product embedded in financial apps, has unveiled its impressive customer impact results for the 2023 filing season. The company’s self-guided process has revolutionized tax filing, offering significant time savings, convenience, and maximizing refunds for filers.

Collaborating with over 20 financial services, fintech, and payroll companies such as Gusto, Dayforce Wallet, Rain, and Zenledger, April has extended its innovative filing product to millions of customers nationwide. With an AI-driven personalized filing flow, individuals can easily file their taxes within an app they already use. Remarkably, 47% of taxpayers completed their filing in under an hour, with an average time of just 43 minutes and a Net Promoter Score of 58.

During this tax season, April served hundreds of thousands of taxpayers and processed tens of millions in refunds. Notably, 95% of April users filed for free, unlike other DIY tax software providers, offering a flat fee or 100% free filing structure to eliminate unexpected costs.

Customer testimonials attest to the success of April’s user-friendly approach, with many switching from traditional tax services and reporting a seamless experience. This shift towards more confident and early filing reflects the positive impact April has had on simplifying the tax process for Americans.

Ben Borodach, co-founder and CEO of April, highlighted the importance of providing a new way to file taxes without upselling customers, making the process more accessible and efficient. The company’s specially trained AI chatbot played a crucial role in aiding users throughout the filing process, with 51% of inquiries resolved by the bot.

By partnering with financial service companies, fintechs, and payroll providers, April aims to revolutionize tax filing by embedding mobile-friendly solutions directly into existing financial apps. This strategic approach has resulted in increased product engagement, monthly active users, deposit growth, and overall customer satisfaction.

As taxpayers seek easier, more efficient ways to file taxes, April’s AI technology continues to lead the industry in providing intelligent, white-labeled solutions that seamlessly integrate into financial decision-making processes. With a mission to transform tax preparation from a reactive audit to proactive year-round planning, April is empowering Americans to optimize their finances and make tax season a stress-free experience.

To learn more about April’s cutting-edge tax solutions, visit and discover how their innovative approach is reshaping the future of tax filing.