Solana’s SolChat Introduces New Feature for Enhanced Communication Across Various Wallets

Solana’s SolChat app has recently introduced an audio calling feature that allows users to communicate between wallets. Co-founder Anatoly YAKOVENKO of Solana Labs revealed the new feature on the X social network, utilizing WebRTC technology for real-time online communication through voice, text, and video.

With this update, users of the SolChat decentralized application (DApps) can engage in encrypted peer-to-peer conversations with their friends. The integration of WebRTC simplifies direct connections between browsers and wallets, requiring both parties to be online simultaneously to initiate or receive calls.

SolChat’s audio functions are secured using the Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) protocol, providing the utmost level of privacy and security. This encryption standard ensures that communications cannot be intercepted, tampered with, or falsified.

Overall, the addition of the audio calling feature enhances the user experience within the SolChat app, fostering secure and seamless communication between wallet users.