Some Passengers Will Receive a Meta Quest 3 from Lufthansa

Lufthansa and Meta have collaborated to offer business class passengers a unique experience on select flights starting this summer. The pilot program, aptly named “Allegris,” will provide customers with a Quest 3 headset equipped with a streamlined launcher and preloaded with various apps.

While the specific apps have not been disclosed, Meta guarantees an array of immersive experiences for passengers. These include enjoying movies and TV shows in a virtual cinema, listening to travel podcasts with spatial videos, exploring travel destinations through virtual sightseeing previews, playing interactive games like Connect Four and Chess, and unwinding with meditation exercises.

In addition to the Quest 3 headset, Meta has introduced a Travel Mode for Quest 2 and Quest 3, allowing positional tracking to function seamlessly on airplanes. This new feature aligns with the overall goal of enhancing the in-flight entertainment experience for passengers.

This partnership signifies a step towards integrating cutting-edge technology into the travel industry, providing passengers with innovative ways to pass the time while in the air. Exciting developments like these are sure to elevate the overall travel experience for customers flying with Lufthansa.