Startups can now enjoy a year of free access from Atlassian

Atlassian, a pioneer in offering free tiers for its productivity and developer tools long before the concept of product-led growth became popular, has launched a new program aimed at supporting early-stage startups. The “Atlassian for Startups” program provides companies with under million in funding with a year of free access for up to 50 users.

This initiative grants startups access to a range of essential tools such as Jira, Confluence, Loom, Jira Product Discovery, Bitbucket, and Compass. By offering access to more seats and advanced features, Atlassian hopes to attract growing startups to its platform and retain them as they scale.

Zeynep Inanoglu Ozdemir, Atlassian’s CMO, emphasized the company’s commitment to supporting startups on their growth journey. She expressed that Atlassian aims to alleviate the workload associated with work and project management, allowing startups to focus on innovation. Ozdemir highlighted the benefits of the program as a win-win situation for both Atlassian and the startup community.

Furthermore, Atlassian’s focus on catering to non-tech startups is evident through its emphasis on Jira project management and Confluence collaboration products. This inclusivity extends to non-tech companies, with Ozdemir anticipating a significant number of applications from such businesses for the Atlassian for Startups program.

In addition to the program launch, Atlassian has formed partnerships with various accelerators and their portfolio companies, including AWS Activate, Accel, Blackbird, and Menlo Ventures. This collaborative effort aims to support startups in accessing the necessary tools and resources to foster their growth and success within the Atlassian ecosystem.