The Importance of Teamwork for Success

Anca Manufacturing Solutions, a division of the global Anca Group, has recently launched its fourth and fifth factories in Thailand. This move comes after the company underwent a rebranding from Anca Sheet Metal Solutions in order to expand its services beyond contract metal fabrication.

Initially focused on sheet metal production for CNC machine canopies, the Southeast Asia-based manufacturer now provides a wide range of electromechanical and supply chain services. Anca Manufacturing Solutions caters to various industries including agriculture, mining, off-road accessories, and electrical cabinets. The company is also taking on projects in the renewable energy, electric vehicle, and utility-scale battery energy storage sectors.

With its new factories in Thailand, Anca Manufacturing Solutions is well-positioned to meet the growing demand for its diversified manufacturing offerings. This expansion marks a significant step in the company’s journey towards becoming a leading player in the manufacturing industry.