Third Annual Literary Festival in Hackney to Host Free Books Campaign

Sofia Akel has been leading the charge in the Free Books Campaign, a movement aimed at enhancing literacy rates among children in low-income households and increasing access to books by authors of color. Since its inception in 2020, the campaign has successfully distributed 8,000 brand-new books to various communities in London.

This year, Sofia and her team are gearing up for the third annual literary book festival, set to take place in Hackney from July 19-21. The Free Books Festival will celebrate storytelling in its myriad forms, including visual arts, movement, classic literature, anime, gaming, music, and more, challenging the traditional approach to literature festivals.

The festival organizers have set ambitious goals for this year’s event, such as offering a free bookstore for all attendees, providing a creche for parents, and ensuring inclusivity with sign-language interpreters. However, to achieve these objectives, the community’s support is essential. Donations to the Free Books Campaign are strongly encouraged to help make the festival a success.

With over 800 libraries permanently closed in the country since 2012 and less than 1% of GCSE students studying books by authors of color, the significance of the Free Books Campaign cannot be overstated. Your contribution can make a real difference in promoting literacy and diversity in literature.

To support the Free Books Campaign and contribute to the upcoming Free Books Festival, visit their fundraising page now. Let’s work together to make a positive impact on children’s literacy and access to inclusive literature.