Trustly and Futon Company Collaborate to Enhance Customer Checkout Experience

Trustly, a leading Open Banking payment solution provider, is partnering with Futon Company to enhance the checkout experience for its customers. Jussi Lindberg, Chief Revenue Officer at Trustly, believes that Open Banking payments are quickly becoming the preferred payment method and is pleased to offer this option to Futon Company’s customers.

Lindberg stated, “This solution allows Futon Company to customize its checkout process, boost conversion rates, and provide top-notch service. We are dedicated to expanding Open Banking solutions in the UK and ensuring that as many companies and customers as possible can enjoy its benefits.”

Vladimir Pomitun, E-commerce Director at Futon Company, expressed excitement about the partnership with Trustly, highlighting the exceptional payment experience it will offer to customers. Pomitun added, “We are eager to lead in this evolving technological landscape, showcasing the significant cost savings and efficiency improvements it brings to both us and our customers.”

By leveraging Trustly’s Open Banking payments, Futon Company is set to provide a seamless and secure payment experience for its customers, ultimately improving overall customer satisfaction and driving business growth.