TSMS introduces A16, a 1.6nm process for upcoming chips

Apple’s manufacturing partner TSMC recently unveiled its latest semiconductor advancements, including advanced packaging and 3D IC technologies, at the 2024 North America Technology Symposium. The new technologies are designed to drive the next generation of AI innovations, solidifying TSMC’s position as a leader in silicon technology.

One of the notable introductions is the A16 chip, which integrates TSMC’s Super Power Rail architecture with nanosheet transistors. This combination is expected to enhance logic density and performance, with plans for production in 2026. TSMC CEO C. C. Wei highlighted that the A16 chip will dedicate front-side routing resources to signals, resulting in improved speed, power efficiency, and chip density compared to the previous N2P process.

Specifically, the A16 chip is projected to offer an 8-10% speed improvement, a 15-20% reduction in power consumption at the same speed, and up to a 1.10X increase in chip density for data center products. These advancements indicate that future Apple Silicon products are likely to incorporate the A16 chip, showcasing TSMC’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of semiconductor technology.