‘Turkcell and Huawei ink agreements on 5.5G, sustainability, and AI at MWC24’

Turkcell, a prominent technology leader in Turkey, has announced significant collaborations with Huawei, a global leader in information and communication technology, during the MWC24 event. The partnership aims to focus on the development of 5.5G, green technologies, and artificial intelligence-supported next-generation networks.

As part of the Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) signed between Turkcell and Huawei, the two companies will conduct research on various 5.5G technologies, including Ambient IOT (Passive IoT) and RedCap (Reduced Capability). Additionally, they will collaborate on the development of 5.5G networks with a focus on reducing carbon footprints through energy-efficient solutions such as deep-mode energy saving in GPON, solar energy utilization, ALPS solution deployment, and energy efficiency in WDM Networks. The partnership will also launch the ‘Joint Innovation’ initiative to implement user-centric, artificial intelligence-based, and self-optimizing networks.

Dr. Ali Taha Koç, General Manager of Turkcell, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We are committed to partnering with leading national and international companies to elevate technological advancements to new heights. Through our collaboration with Huawei, we are expanding our innovation efforts in 5.5G, green technologies, and artificial intelligence-based network automation, paving the way for innovative developments in the telecommunications sector.”

Following the signing ceremony, Phillip Gan, Huawei Senior Vice President, emphasized the significance of joint innovation with Turkcell. He said, “Our goal is to achieve mutual success through collaborative efforts in 5.5G, green technologies, and artificial intelligence-based network automation. By prioritizing green development in our partnerships, we aim to enhance people’s lives and contribute to sustainable practices.”

In a recent milestone, Turkcell and Huawei successfully achieved data download speeds exceeding 10 Gigabits per second using 5.5G (5G Advanced) technology in a 5G test lab. This accomplishment marks a significant progression in Turkcell’s research and development activities within the realm of 5G and advanced technologies, showcasing groundbreaking advancements in mobile internet capabilities.