US children stumble upon the remains of a teenage T-Rex

Three young dinosaur enthusiasts had an unforgettable summer vacation, as they stumbled upon the remains of a rare juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex in North Dakota. Brothers Liam and Jessin Fisher, aged seven and 10 respectively, along with their nine-year-old cousin Kaiden Madsen, found a large fossilized leg bone while walking in the Hell Creek formation of the Badlands in July 2022.

Excitedly, young Liam recounted how his dad asked about the discovery, only for Jessin to confidently identify it as a dinosaur bone. The trio took a picture and shared it with vertebrate paleontologist Tyler Lyson of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, who confirmed the significance of their find.

Upon arriving at the site, Lyson realized the magnitude of the discovery; an “extremely rare” juvenile T-Rex specimen that lived 67 million years ago. This find could potentially provide valuable insights into the growth of these mighty creatures.

The fossilized bones were carefully excavated, encased in plaster jackets, and airlifted by a Black Hawk helicopter to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. The public will soon be able to witness the progress of the fossil’s preparation in a newly established discovery lab.

Remarkably, the discovery remained under wraps for almost two years as a secret collaboration between a documentary crew, renowned scientists, and natural history museums took shape. Estimates suggest that the young T-Rex, dubbed “Teen Rex,” weighed around 3,500 pounds and stood at about 10 feet in height, a fraction of the size of a full-grown adult.

The exciting revelation is set to be showcased in a documentary premiering on June 21, with plans for screenings across 100 cities in IMAX and 3D formats.

While Liam and Kaiden expressed their passion for amateur fossil hunting, Jessin aspires to pursue a career as a paleontologist, inspired by his lifelong dream of discovering dinosaurs. He emphasized the importance of exploration, urging other young individuals to venture outdoors and discover the wonders of nature.

The discovery of the juvenile T-Rex serves as a reminder of the mysteries waiting to be uncovered, encouraging future generations to continue the quest for knowledge and exploration.