Users of iPhones prepare for significant Siri improvement in the midst of AI competition with Google.

Apple is gearing up to introduce a range of new artificial intelligence (AI) features for its iOS operating system, including an update to Siri that will allow iPhone users to send or delete emails using their voice. The tech giant is set to unveil a deal with OpenAI to enhance Siri’s capabilities and make it more intelligent and useful.

In addition to email control, Siri will also be able to provide AI-generated “smart replies” and control more features within apps. Apple is also adding new AI tools to its Photos app, such as a Clean Up tool that can remove unwanted elements from photos using AI.

The revamped Notes app will include features for voice transcriptions and summaries, and Apple is dubbing its new products “Apple Intelligence”, which will also include AI-generated emojis. Despite Siri being introduced as a personal assistant, its technology has not been as widely adopted as Apple had hoped, with most users using voice commands for simple tasks.

Apple’s efforts to enhance Siri come as rivals like Microsoft and Google continue to advance their own digital assistants following the introduction of ChatGPT. Apple is expected to announce a partnership with OpenAI to make Siri more conversational and appealing to users.

The tech giant is hoping that these AI updates will help boost smartphone sales, as it recently experienced a significant decline in phone sales. Apple will be unveiling these updates at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in California. Exciting times lie ahead for Apple users as these new AI features are set to transform the iOS experience.