Using AI and VR to Fight Vision Loss: RetinaLogik Secures New Funding

RetinaLogik, a Calgary-based startup, has successfully closed a pre-seed funding round of 3,000 CAD led by HaloHealth. The company is focused on scaling its innovative portable eye test device, which combines artificial intelligence (AI) with virtual reality (VR) technology.

The funding round, which included SAFEs, saw participation from investors such as Spring Impact Capital, UCeed’s Haskayne Student Fund, York Angels, and independent angel investors. RetinaLogik was founded by CEO Abdullah Sarhan and COO Julia St.Amand, who joined forces after meeting at a hackathon in 2018 and finding shared values and synergies.

The startup’s mission is to address the global issue of inadequate access to vision care, with over 1.1 billion people suffering from vision loss. RetinaLogik’s portable eye test device offers fast and accurate results comparable to traditional machines, enhancing the patient experience and enabling remote viewing of test results by specialists.

With the new funding, RetinaLogik plans to expand its team, introduce new vision tests, support sales efforts, and obtain Class 2 certification from Health Canada. The startup aims to partner with clinics to improve access to vision care for seniors. By offering a cost-effective, portable device that delivers high-quality results, RetinaLogik is tackling challenges faced by vision care specialists and has the potential to prevent or treat up to 90% of preventable vision loss cases globally.