‘Vevo partners with PubMatic to enhance programmatic buying on CTV network’

PubMatic, a leading independent technology company in the digital advertising supply chain, has announced a strategic partnership with Vevo, a popular music video network. This collaboration aims to accelerate programmatic connected TV (CTV) growth for Vevo, providing advertisers with opportunities to reach a wider audience across its extensive premium video library.

Vevo, with over 800,000 videos and 25 billion monthly views, will leverage PubMatic’s demand, programmatic trading capabilities, and strategic supply path optimization to offer media buyers access to its high-quality CTV inventory on a global scale. This will enable targeted ad delivery in engaging, brand-safe environments, ensuring significant ad revenue gains for both Vevo and advertisers.

The integration aligns with Vevo’s goal of expanding video distribution and improving monetization strategies. By making its content available on various platforms and channels, including the Vevo TV app and YouTube, Vevo aims to maximize its advertising opportunities and increase programmatic business growth. The partnership with PubMatic also provides media buyers with access to premium inventory and advanced addressability solutions to enhance ROI.

Nicole Scaglione, Global VP for CTV/OTT and Video at PubMatic, highlighted the significance of this partnership in driving innovation and growth in the CTV space. The collaboration will strengthen PubMatic’s position as a key player in connecting programmatic buyers with valuable music video inventory, ensuring efficient and transparent trading for all parties involved.

Natalie Gabathuler-Scully, Vevo’s EVP of Revenue, Distribution & Data Operations, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership’s potential to elevate advertising opportunities globally and drive the company’s programmatic business forward. Leveraging PubMatic’s preferred demand relationships will enhance Vevo’s monetization approach across its various channels and platforms, ultimately benefiting advertisers and content creators alike.

Overall, the collaboration between PubMatic and Vevo signals a significant step forward in the evolution of programmatic advertising in the digital video landscape, offering new opportunities for brands to engage with audiences in a targeted and meaningful way.